Learning To Love Again and Transitioning


“Into My Life Unexpected … Learning to Love Again” is SL Kaufman’s expertly-crafted, serious, uplifting story about one man’s journey toward rediscovering life’s truest reward—love. This lovely tome of creative nonfiction is primarily aimed at men and women who are well-educated and enchanted with romance and true love, more than merely the idea of love. Kaufman’s book is a narrative told in poems, each one logically and strategically placed to enhanced the overall story, but each able to stand on its own. Through the use of narrative and prose, the author details his odyssey in search of love. In his early sixties, after years of failed relationships and unhappiness in his personal and professional life, the author relocated to a place where he had no prior connection. And it was in that place, free to find the sense of heart and emotions so long repressed, that his life began to flourish once again. This book details the beginning of that long path. “I began my life as a sixty-two-year-old, twice-divorced father of two children. Prior to that I had lived my life for and through others and I believed myself to be a successful man. I was taught to measure success by the size of my bank account and, by that standard, I was. Yet, I was unfulfilled, unhappy, and lost. My children were grown, my career was at a crossroads, and my second marriage had failed. I felt alone and trapped without direction. I had been a good father and a good husband. My marriages had failed, not through indiscretion, but because they were without support, friendship and, most of all love. “This collection of thoughts, poems, and songs is not the story of that other life—for all that only led me to this time and place where I began to discover what my life was meant to be,” says Kaufman. Kaufman’s moving work will forever echo in the heart of the reader.

Transitioning resumes the journey begun in Book One, Learning to Love Again. After his bitter sweet romance had ended, Mr. Kaufman began to come to grips with its aftermath. The pain, the anger, the growth, the acknowledgment and finally the healing were all necessary steps on his ongoing journey.

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