“Finding Love” was published in November of 2015 and “Testing Love” in August of 2016. I had continued writing after our breakup in
November of 2014 accumulating enough poems and stories to continue the series with Book 5 “Holding On” and Book 6 “Moving On”. I realized, however, that the story of the end would have been just that and I decided that since I had emotionally moved past it, there was no need to embellish it. Instead, I am moving forward with this next book, “Learning to Live Again”.

In order to bridge the gap, however, and bring my journey up to date, I do want to discuss that over 2 year period where I found myself dealing with the incalculable pain of losing the love that I, at that time, had fully expected would take me to the end of my life, and the steps back I needed to take to realize that it was time to live again.