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Living in the Age of the Aged

Stephen Kaufman : February 4, 2020 11:17 am : SL Kaufman
Book 7 is complete. It is “Living in the Age of the Aged”. I’m not quite sure when we will publish. In the meantime, I am sharing a song I wrote to accompany the book. I hope you enjoy.

Life seems short
When you get here
With what you missed
Seeming so clear

When growing old
Overcomes you
Your zest for life
Is in the rear view


The chance will never come again
Age will never be your friend
As you look calmly towards the end
In the age of the aged

So much time
To get it right
But nothing came
Without a fight

Now you work
At holding back
Those against you
Who attack


You wake up
And it’s no more
With nothing left
To restore

What always was
Part of you
You can’t do


Now your body
Can’t betray
Aches and pains
That come your way

But your mind
Is ever strong
As you sing
Your old new song


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As 2019 drew to a close, I thought I’d share with you some random thoughts

Stephen Kaufman : January 6, 2020 10:32 am : SL Kaufman

As 2019 drew to a close, I thought I’d share with you some random thoughts from the last month of that year. I have chosen a photo by my friend Sandy Spindler taken just a few nights ago.


The last month of the year has beguninto my life unexpected SL Kaufman
With the long holiday weekend over
And I sit here on a beautiful Paradise morning


As the year nears its conclusion
I find myself stuck
In the helplessness
Of my indecision


We are crawling to year’s end
Having passed winter solstice
Realizing that for the next 6 months
The days will only get longer


My writing remains a passion
Though it has veered from its original path
Becoming far more focused on my issues
As love continues to elude


The year can’t end soon enough
With no plans for tomorrow
Except for spending one more day
Waiting for what lies ahead

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Stephen Kaufman : December 11, 2019 9:36 am : SL Kaufman

The year 2019 has begun
And I’m looking forward to it
Though with diminished expectations
I’m comfortable here




I’m amused and confused
By the number
As it’s reality is far greater
Than I’d imagined

I may not feel it
Or look it
But the truth remains
That I am it


It is abundantly clear to me
That despite my best efforts
Age and abuse have caught up with me
And I am now on the backside of this journey


The year can’t end soon enough
But I still hold out hope
That something will change
So that real possibilities can return
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Paradise Sunset – Inspired by this Mitch Fogelman Photo

Stephen Kaufman : November 6, 2019 4:25 pm : SL Kaufman
Sometimes a photo takes your breath away and at the same time inspires. So it is with the Paradise sunset picture taken by my friend Mitch Fogelman.
I wrote today’s blog moments ago, inspired by this photo.

The month is ending
With very little on the page
As I have continued my recovery
With little focus elsewhere

I’m recovering strongly
Walking unaided for 2 plus miles
Sleeping with little pain
And ready to play golf regularly

Discomfort accompanies me everywhere
Despite it being unknown to others
And I am too often completely overcome
By the burden it now is

And there has been a darkness
That I feel has taken over
As my social life is in disarray
While other relationships are questionable

I still remain positive
Awaiting my son’s arrival this weekend
And my continued exploration of Paradise
As I continue to reassess my purpose

Eleven years now here
And not one moment of regret
As I have entered the age of the aged
With a new perspective

For life remains a wonder
With my journey ever evolving
And just as each sunset overwhelms me
So does it reinforce and justify everything

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Today’s blog is from book 5 “Learning to Live Again, 2017” Written 2 years ago, it still holds true today

Stephen Kaufman : October 15, 2019 9:06 am : SL Kaufman

Saw a wise man today
As I continue to try
And make sense of
What has become of me

He started out by asking
How’s life
And an hour later
The answer still eluded me

I’ve always felt
That life is about love and fear
And right now I live in fear
And without love

I know that I am loved
But I can’t return it
And for me
That is debilitating

So I need to understand love
In ways I haven’t really explored
Even though I learned to love again
And found a love that still inhabits me

I have always looked at love
As a physical, passionate state
And that is missing right now
And maybe from now on

Sexuality played a big role
And that too does not exist
Except within me and unavailable
To others

I need the touch of someone I love
As I stroke her hair
Kiss her gently
And take her softly to me

I had it
Lost it
And continue to suffer
Without it

Is learning to live again
Learning to live without love
Or learning to redefine love
In the age of the aged

I haven’t given up
I just don’t know
But I’m completely open
To the answers

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