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I Never Saw it Coming (Song Lyrics) | SL Kaufman

Stephen Kaufman : November 16, 2017 1:38 pm : SL Kaufman

I never saw it coming SL Kaufman
After all those years
And now my guitar’s strumming
While I wipe away my tears

I don’t know how I’ll make it
Without her by my side
And though I’ll try to fake it
My soul is opened wide

CHORUS: Why now…why me
How the hell…I didn’t see
Took me down…suddenly
But I can…guarantee
This ain’t… the end of me

I never saw it coming
Though the plan was in the air
And though you caught me humming
I will fight off the despair

I know It need to make it
Of that I have no doubt
And though you tried to take it
I’ll find the best way out


Instrumental verse


I never saw it coming
Was I blind to it all
But I won’t be succumbing
To depression’s call

For I know that I will make it
Though thoughts of her remain
I’ll find my path and stake it
To sing this song’s refrain


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Birthday Poem – From Learning to Live Again

Stephen Kaufman : October 23, 2017 10:17 am : SL Kaufman

Every year, I write a birthday poem. This year, I’ve written some random thoughts I want to share with you.

From Learning to Live Again (unpublished)

I feel aloneFrom Learning to Live Again
But I’m not lonely

I feel sad
But I’m not depressed

I feel tired
But I’m not weak

I feel hurt
But I don’t feel pain

I feel calm
But I’m not at peace

I feel pensive
But I’m forgetful

I feel empty
But my life is full

I feel fortunate
But I don’t feel blessed

I am spiritual
But I’m not religious

I feel lost
Yet I know exactly where I am

I feel stimulated
But I procrastinate too much

I feel loved
But I don’t feel liked

I feel like new adventures
But I keep repeating the old ones

I feel sexual
But I don’t feel horny

I feel scared
But I’m not unnerved

I feel empowered
But I’m not powerful


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From Learning to Live Again (unpublished)

Stephen Kaufman : October 9, 2017 1:50 pm : SL Kaufman

I’ve been waking up early learning to live again
Although I’m sleeping well
I rise when the morning sun
Brightens my room

And it’s not as if
I have any wish to sleep in
For I want to start my day
And follow my routines

Morning is my time
To absorb the world
With pages and technology
Allowing me comfort

It is my time to think
And to write
And to plan
And to breathe

I’m grateful
For each morning
As I know I’ve reached
Another day

And I look anxiously forward
To what’s in store for me
On the remarkable journey
I am on

Today I feel at peace
Though there is turmoil within
But it’s my morning
And I’m ready to live again

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The Road to Now – From Learning to Live Again (unpublished)

Stephen Kaufman : October 3, 2017 9:13 am : SL Kaufman

The road to nowThe road to now
Took much longer than I imagined
But it needed to do so
Because I was not ready

I am ready now
Though not without fear
Not without misgivings
But knowing that it is time

It will be interesting to see
What I have missed
What more is possible
And what I have left to do

The journey to me is now
At 71 years and growing
But it has promise and heart
And it cannot possibly disappoint

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From Learning to Live Again (Unpublished)

Stephen Kaufman : August 30, 2017 4:12 pm : SL Kaufman

I continue to be encouragedLearning to live again
By the responses I’m getting
To my poetry page
On Facebook

Perhaps it is merely
My ego talking
But the comments and likes
Keep pouring in

Of course
I’m trying to sell books
And so far success is elusive
But I have created a brand

There is a growing circle
Of fans and supporters
Who let me know
That I am touching their lives

And perhaps
That is all I need
To call myself
A successful author

And I will continue on
Trying to be more creative
Publish more and hopefully
Match my ego with my goals

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From Learning to Live Again (unpublished 2017)

Stephen Kaufman : August 16, 2017 9:40 am : SL Kaufman

I’m still searching Learning to Live Again
For answers
To unasked questions
And continued confusions

Crossroads again
And always
As I enter new

I’m unwilling to let go
Of hopes and dreams
By settling for the safety
Of comfortable surroundings

At least until I know
That what I truly deserve
Is not within my reach
As this journey continues

In the meantime
I will continue risking
Continue exploring
And continue dreaming

For without that
I will have succumbed
To the ravages
Of my condition

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From “Learning to Live Again” (unpublished)

Stephen Kaufman : July 24, 2017 8:28 am : SL Kaufman

My existentialism has taken hold Learning to live again
As I find that I am retreating
Further and further
Into myself

I understand my need
For self-preservation
As well as the necessity
To break free of my own trappings

Nobody can possibly understand
What I am experiencing
And if I try to explain
I seem to find resistance

I must fight this war
On my own
I must learn to live again
By trusting my instincts

By conquering my fears
By speaking my mind
By continuing to do things
In my own way

And only then
Will I find the peace
Strength and confidence
To walk proudly towards my tomorrow

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My Walk – From “Learning to Live Again”, unpublished 2017

Stephen Kaufman : July 13, 2017 4:10 pm : SL Kaufman

Sometimes my walk is perfectlearning to live again
Like today
When the songs of my youth
Can touch me once again

And they remind me
Of a different time
When we were all searching
Though clouds got in our way

And it took me to that time
Innocent and free
When we actually cared
And tried to make a better world

So thank you Joni and Billy and Van
And Bob and James and Neil and Paul
And Stevie and Jackson and Elton
And all of the legends of that time

You were my heroes then
And are my heroes now
And I listen to you today
With a smile and a hope

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Random Thoughts from Volume 4 “Testing Love”

Stephen Kaufman : June 19, 2017 1:04 pm : SL Kaufman

Not afraid of deathTesting Love
It’s dying I fear
So I take each breath
Happy to be here


In touch with how I feel
And unafraid to share
Understanding it is real
And mine alone to bear


Feeling happy and sad
At the same time
Doesn’t make me mad
For these moments are sublime


My comfort zone
Has always been narrow
But it will need to expand
To accommodate tomorrow


So much to do
So much to say
Ideas to brew
For another day

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Book 5 “Learning to Live Again” – Wondering Where Time Went

Stephen Kaufman : June 9, 2017 10:05 am : SL Kaufman

Wondering where the time wentSL Kaufman
As it is now my enemy
For the youthfulness I feel
Is betrayed by the number

Life is about love and fear
And now I live in fear
For love and health have betrayed me
And rearranged everything

Each day is a challenge
But each day has its rewards
As the pain subsides
Into tomorrow’s memory

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