I’m sharing this beautiful photo taken by my friend Gail Turner with a few poems I’ve written that actually rhyme.

Figuring it all out
And knowing what to do
To dispel all the doubt
That the damaged go through

I am not in it for sex
Or playing any game
It’s really not that complex
For we often are the same

I’m looking for a friend
To share time and space
And I needn’t defend
For this is a positive place

I have no desire to smother you
Only to share an adventure
Find another to mother you
For we have times ahead to treasure


She arrived unexpected
With style and grace
Catching me off guard
Unsure of my place

Over time we have connected
Though the agenda is unclear
But it’s beginning to feel right
So I’ll proceed without fear


Finally out together
Learning who we are
Celebrating her sale
With dinner near the bar

Ending perfectly
With a sweet goodnight
Then still feeling her hug
As I turned out the light