Today’s blog takes me back to Book 4, Testing Love, written in 2015. Once again the photo is courtesy of Sandy Spindler (#sandyspindler)

I’VE MISSED YOU Ive Missed you - SL Kaufman

In the tumult of our lives
With work overwhelming
And compulsion reigning
I’ve missed you

On mornings without you
Sipping my coffee
While absorbing my words
I’ve missed you

On days spent at home
Working and dreaming
While you’ve redirected
I’ve missed you

On evenings spent apart
When I’m out with others
And you’re gathering family
I’ve missed you

When I’m ready to sleep
Without you beside me
In the loneliness of night
I’ve missed you

Even times we’re together
When you seem elsewhere
Distracted and afraid
I’ve missed you

In my times of confusion
When I need you there
To help me move forward
I’ve missed you

Though I know it is part
Of the journey we are on
To create our destiny
I’ve missed you

But I’m forever grateful
For the moments I’ve missed you
As they only remind me
Of how much I love you