Today’s blog takes me back to Book 1, Learning to Live Again, written over 7 years ago. Its sentiment continues to ring true today. I hope you enjoy.

I’ve reached a point in my life
Where I need to eliminate negativity
But it’s not that easy
When connections run deep

Because it’s difficult to dismiss
Those who have meant so much
And we still care and worry
Though we have moved ahead

Is it a need to be in control
Of things we never really could
Or is it the fear of allowing
Others to grow on their own

Letting go is difficult
When we perceive that others need
Our input and advice
And we see them struggling

Yet that is so horribly selfish
To think we know better than they do
And assuming they need us
To face their own new world

We must come to a place
Where the negatives that consume us
Can no longer do so
Because they only hold us back

Life is now too short
For us to try to change
What can’t be changed
And never will

There is a plan in place for us
And we need to embrace it
By concentrating on the positives
That are there for the taking

The most difficult part
Is to finally realize
That all the good that awaits us
Is what we deserve