It’s been four years
Since we last touched
Yet I still miss her

Memories of that time
When I was her LOML
And she was my BE
Are etched permanently in my heart

No one before or since
Was capable or willing to love me
In the way that she did
Or comfort me in the way that she could

No one before or since
Became my partner and lover
As we helped each other
Reach plateaus not imagined

No one before or since
Could capture the magic of us
Or could even approach

The concept

Two books were written of those times
Yet I find it difficult
To revisit the pages
Of a time so right

She remains in my dreams
And I think of her frequently
Only with the warmth
Reserved for those now gone

Much has happened since
Illness and aging
Growing and learning
And now the tragedy of another

I will keep her within me forever
Not hoping to reconcile
But hoping one day we may find the time
To catch up